Drums & Hardware :




Yamaha PHX

Diameters :

* Drums

Tomtomlar : 8″x7″ PHXT0807, 10″x7″ PHXT1007 , 12″x8″ PHXT1208
Floor Tom : 16″x15″ PHXF1615, 14″x13″ PHXF1413
Kick : 22″x18″ PHXB2218
Finish : Black Cherry Sunburst ( BCS )

* Snares

S-series MSD1455 , renk : BAM
Musashi NSD1047M

* Hardware
DFP9500C , HS1200T , HSAT910 , SS950 , DS950 , HXR3L ( rack ) + 2x HXLR , + 2x HXTC , 6xCH755 , 7xCymbal holder Clamp , 2x CH750 , 5x CL945B

Cymbals :

Since 2004 i have been playing Turkish Cymbals .

Usually i prefer to play  Apex , Classic ve Classic Dark models . And also i use reverse bell chinas and splashes with rivets which made by Turkish Cymbals with my request.

Another cymbal brand that i use for different sound is Efektzil

Drum Sticks :

RegalTip 9A

Sound Devices , Monitoring and Samplers :

1) Laptop

2) Mixer

3) Sound Card

4) UPS

While playing with maNga we also use some backing-tracks. I control them , and for that stuff i use laptop with Pro-tools and Digi002 sound-card . While playing on backing tracks with drums you should also use clicks to play right on time .  Monitoring is also important because you should hear yourself , the backing tracks , the clicks and the other players  . So i have my own 12 channel mixer , and i mix the level of different sounds on my ears.

And for some digital sounds i use a Yamaha DTX multi-12  sampling pad .

Mics :

Sennheiser is offical audio endorser of maNga .

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