Özgür Can Öney  started to play drums with his first band ” Reblos ” when he was in high school .

About drumming his first teacher was Gürcan Konanç , he learnt notation and syncopation from him. In his early years at university he started to play in bar gigs with his close friends , at first they called this cover band ” Garnitür ” , and then name changed to “70’lik ”

In 1999 he also joined to Deli Gömleği ( strait jacket ) , he played in two demos and lots of  bar gigs , university fests . At the same time he created and played music for theater groups from Ankara University Law and Pharmacy faculties.

He joined to maNga at the end of the 2001 .

In 2004 maNga moved to istanbul and started to studio sessions , recordings for their first album . At the end of 2004 , after releasing their debut , they made a great success and gave lots of concerts in Turkey and Europe .

At the same time Özgür worked on  drumming with the help of Okan Duman an then Cengiz Baysal.

With maNga’s second album , they won the Ema ( best european act ) and then they became 2. in Eurovision song contest  .

Özgür Can Öney is supported by Turkish Cymbals , Efektzil , Regaltip drum sticks and Yamaha Drums .

He also helps to the admins of and .

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